QFMR: How would you go about it?

So, I’ve been contemplating for a while, how to go about making some friends, meeting new people and possibly dating.  And I think I’m ready to experience that a little, as soon as work frees me up.  I’ve had people suggest dating websites, Craigslist (But that would be out of desperation…icky), and going to bars.  I’ve had someone suggest “hanging out with the girls” too.

Truthfully, this sounds wonderful and I know a lot of you have given me ideas before, but now I think I’m really at that point where I am more than a little curious.  I don’t want to get into anything serious, but I’m thinking coffee dates, or a date involving a meal or even, actually, going out with the girls – except I don’t have those either.

Granted, it might mean coming out in the open, so I may not actually venture that far, but I’m thinking that might be time to do, as well.

So, I have two Questions For My Readers:


1.) How do I meet guys?

2.) How do I find a set of good girlfriends to hang out with?


26 thoughts on “QFMR: How would you go about it?”

      1. Yes, give it a try. I used it once to start a breast cancer 3-day walk group. Instantly I had 8 new friends. Just complete a profile indicating your likes or interests. Believe me, they have everything there. Singles, hiking, running, traveling, bookclubs, and they have all lifestyles there. Good Luck!

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          1. Correct! If that’s what you’re looking for you can find it there, but if you just want friends and people with like minds, it’s the best place for things like that. I have recommended it to many.

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  1. I’m long-since outta the game, so I have no idea how to date these days. But I think if you want something long-term, ultimately, then being friends first is a good way to start. Maybe some sorta club? You hike. Maybe a hiking club? Maybe a photography group?

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  2. I see it as if you are constantly looking for someone it just won’t happen, and if it does it won’t be true because it wil be forced.

    And well making friends, literally just message someone ask how there day was, i love someone who makes an effort and it makes me want to be friends with them even more.

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  3. Do any of your girlfriends here live close to you? I would gladly go out with you but, with an ocean separating us, that is tricky.
    I have connected in real life with some of my online friends. It’s 100% friendship and we have a blast. I’m trying to expand this now. Maybe soon.

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    1. Yes, yes…and today memorializes the time we forcefully asked your people to stay on your side of the ocean…lol I’m glad we made up though.

      OF the close ones, there is one that is closeby…relatively, of course.

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  4. For both…common hobbies & interests. You need actual places to go that hold an interest to you that helps develop or nurture the hobbies and interests. You can’t push it or try too hard for it though. involving yourself in things you love will allow you to meet people who love those things too.

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  5. I too would suggest Meetup.com. There are a variety of different grps and interests. Very diversified. If you can’t find one that floats your boat, hell.. you can always start your own. Check them out on line.. can’t hurt.

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