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  1. I watched this and thought it was brilliant. Shows the difference between dogma and love.
    A close friend of mine was dying over 14 months and was being pushed booze on his deathbed by his old friends even though he had been sober 16 years and many of those friends either had disappeared in that time or had never asked him about his new life in that time.
    I said to another good mate that it was upsetting me. He said what is more important… my dogma of the fellowship or my friendship with a man who had helped save my life.
    No brainer.
    These fundamentalists of any religion are missing the joy. Blessings to that girl and her family. Good on her parents for connecting with the god of their own understanding

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  2. The LDS church is one of those which is incredibly hard on persons who are different. But, this isn’t about understanding one way of faith. This is about a girl who is brave enough to stand up and say, ‘this is me. I am a child of God’s and I am good.’ It is about a family who supports her and stands behind her 100%. It is about a child who is not afraid to go where adults won’t. I fear she won’t be in that church much longer, but there, I didn’t mean to go there!
    We should emulate her strength in being the person we want or believe we are to be. I am a follower of Christ, I know much of my life is not approved. I know He loves me and there in is the most important thing of all. Only a couple of years ago, I was angry and depressed and sad and mad at myself all the time. I wasn’t the person I was supposed to be. The woman in Proverbs, the wife in Romans, and I was tearing myself apart. I finally decided to walk a different path and gained peace. It is a very different path and few know I am on it. The peace, though there are times when questions pop up, is worth it.
    And there is a bit of my own testimony!!!! You can contact me if you want via email, I’d welcome it.

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  3. This girl is absolutely right. “God” made us all in different, unique and special ways. Being LGBT is not a mistake or an error on God’s part. Being LGBT is right and good. You are bisexual for an reason, and you are important to Earth. We are all asked to walk in restraint in different ways, like I said. Some are asked to refrain from adultery, some from prostitution only, some from porn only, and, for crying out loud, some from traditional marriage! Everyone’s path is different. Only you know what you think is right. You HAVE to follow what you think is right. Even if that puts you at odds with the liberal mafia, and you think, in your heart of hearts, that acting on gay desire is wrong. It’s up to you. You HAVE to follow what you think is right.

    I would advise taking up a spiritual practice like journaling or meditation with crystals, and going from there. Prayer and “Bible” study is usually NOT helpful. And remember you don’t have to get it right initially. Some of us honestly don’t know what the right thing to do is, and in that case I think “God” pats us on the head and says, “Whatever you do from here on out is fine with me. Let me know when things feel clearer to you.” Feel NO shame about what you do if you honestly don’t think it’s wrong. Sometimes we feel ambivalent, and in that case more research is called for. 🙂 The gods need more people who will fight for what’s right, not more hypocrites who will censor their sexual healing process in the name of false religion. It can take an entire lifetime to figure things out.

    “Every desire of our body is holy; every desire of our body is holy” – Rafiz (Sufi mystic, I think)

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    1. And forgive me if I have ever been insensitive to your experience. I am dealing with my own history of self-hatred at the hands of fundamentalist Christian doctrine over my own sexuality. When in doubt, assume that I have said something insensitive because I am deeply self-hating over my own Christian history. Horrible.

      In my opinion, if you feel shame about your feelings that being gay is wrong, you probably need to explore being gay, being proudly gay, being part of the LGBT movement, and eliminating your shame. You may then come to a place of peace about your bisexuality, even if you eventually decide that acting on gay desire is a mistake.


  4. Yeah, I’d heard of how LDS treats anyone who isn’t straight and, at least in my opinion, is exactly why so many bisexuals/homosexuals don’t pay much attention to church doctrine. LDS says they recognize and accept homosexuals… but they must be celibate, can’t get married, etc., and the hypocrisy of this stance is glaring and rather telling.

    I recently wrote a comment on this very same topic on the bi guys forum I belong to – lots of guys there worry about their faith because of their sexuality and I pointed out that church doctrine doesn’t truly reflect real life situations; it’s what they want you to do as opposed to what life can throw at you; you have a major conflict and a church will tell you to trust in the Word of God, resist those pleasures of the flesh, purge your thoughts and feelings of this sinful thing, so on and so forth and while some can find comfort in this (and will comply), eh, many people find that this isn’t a lot of comfort and it sure as hell doesn’t answer the billions of questions one might have as to how do I deal with what I’m feeling and thinking?

    Seriously, the fact that there are so many people on this planet who are happily not heterosexual should tell you something and despite their belief in a supreme being and some of those people are ministers of faith.

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  5. She’s a brave little lady and her parents’ love is an wonderful example.
    Regarding the ‘teachings’ of the Bible, fundamentalists seem to have a great deal of difficulty getting their heads around the fact that firstly the OT is a collection of sayings, stories, poems and accounts told in ancient ‘folklore styles’ and both OT & NT have gone through Aramaic, Greek and (who knows what sort) of Latin translations; thus saying an English translation is literally The Word of God is an arrogant conceit. To ‘get’ the teachings of the Bible requires not just reading, but thought, meditation and bearing in mind the contexts of the time those words were created….and also a great helping of humility and the willingness to think when one is feeling a bit ‘superior’ about oneself ‘Oooops, wrong. but God loves me’.

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  6. She is definitely brave and I 100% support her being herself, but I see how it’s awkward to talk about these things in Church. I do know that religion teaches us to love and be tolerant of others and I hope she is not ostracized by her church

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  7. Love her! She is so brave to stand up in front of the entire church and speak her truth like that. I grew up Mormon & the way he cut off her mic & told her to sit down is a perfect example of one of the many reasons why I’m not Mormon anymore.

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  8. I had come across this story on Twitter. She’s a brave, young girls who has just exposed the church hypocrisy. We have discussed this before and I don’t agree with with the ‘we accept you as long as you deny the single thing that makes you different.’
    It’s pretending to embrace when it really isn’t. I hate fake.

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  9. To be so brave, confident and to have such conviction at such a young age! So beautiful. This girl is a hero. It remains unfortunate that people’s personal life choices (though I don’t believe sexual preferences are choices, by any means) are still such a big deal… in a perfect world, she would never have needed to have made such a strong statement, and this wouldn’t have been a big deal or newsworthy. Good for her. And thank you so much for sharing.

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