Wait little string.

Do not run away

From the seam.

Tucked away in

The flowery frill.

Hiding, hoping

Not to unravel.

What a dress?!

Only briefly worn.

To come out for

A summer night.

Joyfully laughing,


The pending doom.

The fray begins,

Unsheveling the

Feminine fabric.

Zipping along

The seam no longer


Vainly trying

To hold it together.

Watching it fall

Apart, revealing

A heart so



12 thoughts on “Torn”

  1. This is so beautiful and so sad. The way you write is so eloquent, so thoughtful, so detailed it keeps me coming back for more. I am glad you decided to stick around, as you have so much in you to share and I look forward to reading more. On a side note, this happened to a skirt of mine at work one day. It was quite the indecent show.

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          1. It’s okay to me if you do not. I will copy exactly what I wrote to another here: “I was hoping not as much for follow up from any of my ‘nominees’, but was satisfied in my having been able to give the few I chose a shout out, and maybe introduce my (far fewer than yours admittedly) readers to something new which they may enjoy. ”
            Having it been my very first experience with these things I had fun getting to do my first post, but understand that others have gotten over it. So do what you like when you would like 🙂

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  2. Just goes to show the fragility that exists all around us. enjoy each experience before it unravels but also know that there is possibility in creating something new with the string.


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