“What return shall I make to the Lord…

…for all that He has done for me?”Β  (Psalm 116: 12)


Truthfully, I’m struggling with gratitude, lately, but I also believe that my attempt to focus on a higher power and praying daily is a step. I am struggling with understanding my true nature, but I am hopeful that my willingness to live each day as it comes demonstrates my gratitude for life…


12 thoughts on ““What return shall I make to the Lord…”

  1. Be thankful for everything, like I mentioned before. Start small with one a day and go up to three. You yourself first. Find something to be thankful for about your toes, your feet, your legs, your butt, your hips, your chest, and so on. One thing every day makes you realise how wonderful it is to be a part of this world. No matter what our part may be. I’m feeling really awful about many things right now, but I’m still thankful for stuff outside of the situation I am in. It really does help to know there are sparkles in the rocks I’m finding in my path and on my head.

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  2. Start small. See the blessings in little things, every day. You don’t have to grasp the big picture, all at once. Shit, none of us get the big picture, man. See the miracle in a stunning vista when you hike, or the butterfly that lands on your shoulder, or the sunset, etc. There’s a million things in a day to be grateful for. Most are subtle. If you’re looking though…..

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      1. There ya’ go. Scientifically, that could be explained by glacial movements and continental shift. But standing there, atop that mountain, that vista and beauty, it’ll make you think there’s more to it than just data. Be grateful for it being there, and for being able to see in person.

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