BYJ (&QFMR): Day 39 – Have Someone Else Make a Resolution For You.

Hi everyone! 😚

I believe I’m in a better mood than the last few days and I’m ready to get back to making myself a more beautiful person – translated as “I want to be a badass!” 😎🌹💪🌻😍😁💟👗👜

Today’s BYJ task involves asking a loved one to make a resolution for me. The author suggests asking a loved one, but I’m somewhat removed from people in real life, so I thought I’d ask one of you! The author indicated that it is interesting to see your behaviors through someone else’s eyes and to attempt a c hsnge based on what they see. The author mentioned she asked her husband who only wanted her to cleanup her dish from breakfast, instead of leaving it for later. She felt it was an easy change and took care of it.

So, I ask all of you, my wonderful readers, if there is one resolution you’d like me to make, what would that be?


16 thoughts on “BYJ (&QFMR): Day 39 – Have Someone Else Make a Resolution For You.”

  1. I like that one small change idea. Add enough them together and it’s significant. Here’s mine: have a big glass of water first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything else. Every morning. 😁🌸

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  2. Something I’ve started recently – handwrite a “thank-you” note and mail it to someone once a week. It seemed like a lame goal but it forces you to see the things that others do for you – so your note becomes genuine and sincere. I only get bills in the mail, so it would be nice to get something positive in the mail.

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    1. I was going to say the same and perhaps it could be something as simple as paying a compliment to someone. To take a moment and make them the priority in a world that increasingly gets more and more hectic. If you can put a smile onto someone’s face, you have made somebody’s day just a little brighter. Xo

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