Here is your 6 word story

I will never meet my goals.


37 thoughts on “Here is your 6 word story”

  1. haha, I’m sorry but I’ve got to agree with the comments above. Today you might not feel like it, but tomorrow is a new day, it’s like a new chance for all of us. You’ll get through this!!!

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  2. That depends on what your goal is. Some things we say are goals are really unrealistic. Like if your goal was to be president of the US but you weren’t born in the country and you’re not a citizen. That goal is probably not going to happen because it would require a constitutional amendment, voted on by other citizens who would probably prefer to be president themselves. So yeah, that would be unrealistic.
    But if your goal is to travel the world, you can do it. if you goal is to make a million dollars, you can do it. It might require you to change some things in your life but you can do anything.
    I write a lot about goals so let’s chat if you want some help with goal setting and how you can work towards meeting them.

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    1. I used to be really good at setting goals…something happened to my confidence and I struggle with direction so much anymore.
      But yes, I’d love to have your help. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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