I think an episode is back…

Although, my depressive episodes don’t feel or seem to be as severe as they once were, they still come. Today I’m feeling a continuation of yesterday, except I have gone to the doctor’s office like planned. And I received some encouraging news from my doctor, but I’m not feeling excited about it in the least. I have lost weight, my HbA1c has dropped 1.3% (That is a MAJOR accomplishment, trust me!), and the doctor is pleased with some of the positive changes I have made in my life.

But I’m not excited…  And I’m a little burned out being so concentrated on my health lately.

I’m feeling blah…

So, blah, I don’t even know how to explain it.

I’m feeling so blah, I don’t want to write everything I’m feeling, for fear it’ll create a focus on my negativity at the moment.

I think, today, I’ll just try to get through…



15 thoughts on “I think an episode is back…”

  1. It can totally understand the horrible drag of a chronic health condition and how much it can steal your focus, time and energy. Remember, progress not perfection is the gentle way to go forward. You have made progress and that’s great. It’s ok to feel blah sometimes but I hope your mood improves and you feel better asap. Take care, hugs 🙂

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