“Be Not Afraid…”

I read another blogger’s post today and the first thing that struck me is the phrase, “Be Not Afraid…”. It reminded me of when I first paid attention to it – it was when I read the biography of St. John Paul II – The Great (Of course, at the time I read it, he was still alive and not a Saint). It was a phrase he adopted, almost as a legacy to his papacy, but it is biblically referenced.

Today, I wanted to find out where it is referenced in the bible – apparently the authors of the bible felt it would be ignored.

Today, I am teetering on an edge, because I am quite aware I can’t find happiness from my own doing.  I’m tired, unmotivated, lost, and feeling desperate again. Maybe it is time to let go…


24 thoughts on ““Be Not Afraid…””

  1. The Sainted Pope, I feel, meant: ‘Be not afraid’ … to live, to be happy, to wait for tomorrow and see what it brings, but also to ‘Be not afraid’ to have a bad day, why not? we all do, you could interpret his ‘Be not afraid’ in so many ways, but I am sure he wanted it to be for the positive, as he seemed like an awesome guy. keep going, keep blogging, as you see, we all like to read you!.

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  2. Steph..
    please stop thinking so hard about everything..
    it’s always good 😊 to leave things as is..
    you are over analyzing again..

    When you have found your medium.. don’t go trying to step out of that comfort zone..

    Don’t forget.. you are completely in control of your every emotions…
    go back to your earlier blogs.. and be reminded of where you was at and why you decided to accept that position in time..

    Don’t be a yoyo… find that stability emotionally… and stay there… until you are strong enough to step out and tip that scale…

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  3. Isaiah 41:10 “So don’t be afraid. I am here, with you; don’t be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, help you. I am here with My right hand to make right and to hold you up.” I think life is not all or nothing. There are times we are down or afraid yet we have to look around and see the good and happy times we have had and know they will come again. With sunshine there needs to be some rain for the plants to grow. Maybe this is a rainy day for you and know that you will come through this and grow a bit more as you have the past weeks. Thinking of you….

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  4. A lot of gospel songs speak to letting go of our fears, to trust in the Lord and while some of our fears are healthy ones, most of them tend to make us foolish and hesitant and can steal our joy of life. Happiness is what we all seek but the reality of life shows us that happiness, in any form, is not just going to fall into our laps: We have to create an environment in which happiness can take seed and grow… then do whatever has to be done to maintain it because happiness isn’t self-sustaining.

    We can find happiness with someone else; find happiness in our sense of purpose and with the hope that we’re doing things to the best of our abilities. We can find happiness in our beliefs and faith even if we have a billion questions about the basis of our faith; we might not be perfect in this but we can be happy to know that, again, we are doing the best we can. To this end, here’s something my mother likes to say: “Put it all in God’s hands and stop worrying about it!” And, really, if getting a bunch of monkeys off your back doesn’t make you happy because you’re no longer worrying yourself sick over them, I don’t know what will.

    Here’s the biggest thing: If you keep believing that you can’t be happy, you won’t be; you’ll just keep right on being your own worst enemy and systematically defeating yourself at every turn. You have to want to be happy and then be willing and able to do whatever’s necessary to be happy… but if you let your fears make you foolish, guess what’s not gonna happen?

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  5. Hey read your post and just felt strongly to say that he loves you dearly and the reason why u can seem to can’t seem to do anything to make yourself happy is because it’s not your job to fix your problems but to constantly come to home on your knee in prayer and crying asking him to give you faith and hope again
    I know it sounds easier said than done but I understand what you feel and for the only way I ever get through is by letting the brokenness and heartache bring me closer to God and not fight it.
    He loves you so much and wants to give you faith and hope again if you really want it, just keep coming and asking and trust me he will answer 💜

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      1. You are very welcome and I Amore than happy to setup a personal chat for us to keep in touch with for if u have any questions you would like to chat about❤️

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