Treating myself…What do you think?

So, my family is nuts.  I’ve got cousins that are upset that my mom didn’t call them by such and such time to inform them that they should have been notified about such and such activity with the funeral.  It drives me nuts when people make things about themselves…


Okay, done ranting.  So, I took a little break today from all the family stuff and went shopping.  I both this skirt, these tights and these shoes. I also got a red, sleeveless knitted shirt to go with it, but I didn’t put it in the picture.  This is kind of a big step for me, and I just kind of wanted to share it with you all…  What do you think?  IT really made me feel super girly! I’m really beginning to love Stephanie. 🙂 ❤ Is it wrong that I took some time to myself today and went shopping? I just needed a little break…ya know?

skirt2  skirt3  skirt4heels

I’m not very good at selfies, but I tried.  I’m not going to dress-up for the funeral – other than what everyone would expect. It would be really selfish and shocking to come out in that way, but I feel a little empowered by myself for a change.



21 thoughts on “Treating myself…What do you think?”

  1. I remember when my Dad died I was thrown into chaos and grief for months; one day I went and had a facial & haircut, which was such a treat! Somehow it brought me back into my body, in a lovely soft way. Pamper yourself honey 🙂 You deserve it 🙂

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