Thought provoking?

I’m dealing with some emotions today, waiting to head home tomorrow, but I have been sitting here and looking at different memes and came across this one and it hit me very profoundly:


Instantly, I realized that part of my problem is that I am constantly after approval from others – in spite of all you wonderful friends of mine offering the acceptance and approval I seek.

Is that where my sense of emptiness has come from – the hope that other’s approval of me will make me happy and content?

I think I just got hit upside the head with the reality of my insanity.


9 thoughts on “Thought provoking?”

  1. It is a hard habit to break, especially if that is the only approval you have had. But, knowing that the approval you need, remembering that the only approval you need is your own, gives you the power and navigation needed in order to find your own approval and self worth in a place and from a person who will never fail you once you find that treasure!
    I am happy for you. This is the first big victory and, if you stick with this strategy and these facts, you will win the war no matter how many scrimmages you must muddle through.

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  2. It is also hard to not seek for approval when nothing you have ever done was right. I am constantly second guessing what I am doing, asking for forgiveness for silly kinds of things, and making myself not a doormat, but at least a bathroom towel! Thinking of you, lots.

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