Death comes to us all…

5:00 a.m. this morning my phone rings. I answer it and it’s my mother, “Grandma passed last night…”Β  I could hear the cracking of her voice and it wasn’t from the years of smoking she has done; no, it was from giving me the news that her mother had passed away – my grandma has passed.

I had a lot to say…

My thoughts are now gone…

I’m speechless…

I’ll try again later.


46 thoughts on “Death comes to us all…”

  1. we all understand life/death and the circle in our own unique way…… She will live on through all the wonderful memories she created ❣️Hugz to u….

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  2. I’m so, so sorry for your loss Missy. I had an extremely exceptional grandmother (father’s side) and one who never recognized I even existed (mother’s side). That being said, it makes us realize how sweet, rare and precious those who really do love us are. ((Supportive Hugs))

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  3. Death hurts and we respond in different ways. I tend to cry alone and be a busy Martha (someone has to do the chores). Sending you hugs and wrapping my arms around you to enfold you in peace for your home going and for your heart at this time.

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