Contest Winner: Sandra!!! <3

So, let me first say, that this was a difficult decision. I had several submissions to my little contest and I quickly settles on three different images. I can’t help but thank each and every one of you that participated in this and it made me think that someday I’ll run another little contest (Like, maybe someone find me a dress to wear or something…hehehehe) someday.  I really enjoyed doing this and everyone that submitted something really made me feel good about myself.  Thank you, all of you! ❤

I let the contest go on for a couple hours past the deadline I chose, but here were the runner ups, before I chose the winner:

  1. sonofabeach: His explanation for one of the images happened to be “…a covering that is weather beaten, a tad bit tarnished, and a somewhat confusing mishmash, yet that creates the shell which, again, reveals beauty and energy.”
  2. Sea Star: Her explanation on the image she sent me was “…it illustrates the chaos within sometimes… we all have it though I strive for calm and tranquility.”

I did not have express consent to post their pictures for anything other than my header, so I did not share them.  But they were great and I think came very close to encapsulating what I have been feeling for quite some time.

With that, being said, Sandra really found a way to bring out me in my design.  As you can now see on my header, I have already used her suggestion.  What really did me in, was her explanation as to why she chose this: “…I just thought the chaos of the piles of wood contrasted with the beauty of the pink flower. Sort of making it through the chaos to get to the peaceful beautiful flower.I chose pink because you’ve got a pink background on your site now. Plus it’s lovely… and Stephanie makes me think of pink… I have no idea why! I also thought it had to be something from nature because you always have those beautiful pictures from the mountains…”

Now, that I have selected a winner, I did mention that the “prize” would be the opportunity to re-design my blog or do a guest post!  Of course, I won’t force Sandra to do it, but It would be fun, I think.

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