QFMR: How do you compare yourself to other women (or guys)?

So, I posted, today, about women comparing themselves to other women.  Us women (is it okay that I throw myself into the mix?) do this a lot, I’m afraid. And after seeing a follower’s comment it made me wonder all the different ways we might compare ourselves to other women.

Some of things I compare are:

  • shape of lips
  • bone structure (I really don’t like mine and it’s tough for me)
  • shoes she’s wearing
  • hell, who am I kidding…I look at her entire outfit!
  • my booty (& boobs too)
  • her hair style

Granted, these are probably only a few of the major ones. but it made me think:


Question For My Readers:

In what ways do you ladies compare yourself to other women?

(Guys can answer for themselves, but this was due to my earlier post)


35 thoughts on “QFMR: How do you compare yourself to other women (or guys)?”

  1. Of course there are those that you listed… I always wanted boobs because I didn’t have any but you can buy those! I have straight hair that I hate so I want curly. With that said there are many other factors too. Like women who are soft voiced as I am not. Women who can be diplomatic and I’m really not ill just stay quiet instead. That’s why I write!! Hope that helps 👌🏼

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  2. This is so funny!!! I brought this topic up to a pair of sisters one night. They were startled to even think this might be possible. That they’d compare themselves to another female. But, THEY DO! All women do. Part of it is media training us (did this star wear this dress as well as that star?), part of it is parental (you need to wear something different), and part of it is because most of us notice things (how come HER muffin top doesn’t show like mine?). For me, about the only real physical things I like are my nose and my height…the latter of which I do wish was more! I am the tallest female in my family at 5’2″. I also have no boobs. I’m getting more used to the lack of them, though. (I do have smaller ones, but oh!!! I’d love larger ones and yes, I look!

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  3. I’m weird and feel no jealousy or envy. I think woman are often surprised when I compliment them as we are so raised to be competitive. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition but in the end I don’t want to be beautiful like you, I want to be beautiful like me. We all are beautiful in our own ways and therefore I find it easy for myself to not draw any comparisons. 😉

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  4. When I was younger, I used to make myself crazy comparing myself to others until someone told me that while it seems natural to “size up the competition,” you can only be who you are; you can only work with what you have already. It made sense to me way back then and I stopped making myself crazy comparing myself to others. I may have something or I may not have it but in any case, I still have to be about the business of being myself… and I happen to think that I’m pretty awesome.

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