Contest Proposal: Help me create a new image!

As you might have noticed, I just changed how my blog looks.  While doing it, I realized that I am not the most creative person in the world, since I am using a random background picture from WordPress.  But it made me wonder if anyone would be interested in helping me on my blog – I’ll create a little contest where people submit images and I select my favorite to use.  As a “prize”, I would invite the winner to re-design my blog and possibly guest blog, as well.

If anyone is interested, please submit a picture that you think would be perfect as the header image on my blog. The picture has to encapsulate me – as complex as I imagine myself to be, embody all of me.  I’ll let the contest tentatively run for the next 48 hours (possibly longer, as I see fit) and then pick the lucky winner.

As I mentioned, I thought this might be a little fun and I encourage submissions to be made to my email:

A couple of stipulations:

  1. It should be your own artistic design – photograph or other imagine
  2. Borrowed images that are photoshopped by you are acceptable (But if there are any copyright issues, I’ll have to remove it)

I’m looking forward to this little fun endeavor.


11 thoughts on “Contest Proposal: Help me create a new image!”

  1. You have photos from your walks/hikes. Use one of those!!! But, yeah, recreating a blog is a bear. Thankfully, there are these GREAT people who work for WP who will help you.

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