BYJ: Day 27 – Quiet Your Critic

I remember watching an episode of Dr. Phil on TV once and he was talking to someone and referencing how is father used to say, “What is it about that ol’ boy that I don’t like about me.” I’ve always liked that idea and I find the concept of figuring out what you don’t like about someone to be incredibly interesting – because it is very revealing.  As I continue in my Beautiful You Journal, I find this section to be very enlightening, but a lot harder to do it than I might imagine.  The author suggests “paying attention to the commentary going on in your head”, and I have to admit, that it’s not always obvious when you do it.

I like that this is a more in-depth continuation of the last section, because it begins to put reason to how you look at other people. I think it’s completely relevant to understand the things you don’t like about someone to try and understand what it is you don’t like about yourself.  It’s very similar to that old adage that people with similar personalities have the most conflict. Sometimes, I ponder that reality and although I have an inner critic, I really do try and keep it at bay.  I also find that this introspection will also address why you might compare yourself to other people, which also tends to reveal why you might feel certain things about yourself and project it onto others!

To end, I’ll take the author’s advice to “Teach yourself to see the goodness in people.”


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