Craigslist??? Yeah, I think I’ll pass…

So, just for curiosity, I decided to look on Craigslist to see if there are any guys that might be interesting to strike up a conversation.  When I searched the “m4m” section, this is what I see:


Apparently, I won’t find what I’d like on CL….


35 thoughts on “Craigslist??? Yeah, I think I’ll pass…”

  1. I’ve never shopped CL but I’ve heard that looking for what you’re interested in can be a daunting task; some say it’s better to create an ad and specifying what you’re looking for… but be prepared to get all kinds of responses including some you’d probably not be interested in.

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      1. Well, um, some people post ads that just leaves much to be desired; a lot of guys try to get right to the point – what they wanna do and let’s do it in the next ten minutes and not much useful information other than how big their dick is.

        Oddly, those brash, bold, minimalistic and, too often, quite crass ads gets more attention that those that are tastefully constructed and informative. Since I’ve never shopped there, I can’t say whether or not those poorly constructed ads result in lots of action or not…

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          1. I’d say so, provided one’s level of tolerance and patience. See, some folks don’t understand that words have power and that when you use them incorrectly, that’s not gonna help your case when someone who’s more, ah, refined is reading them.

            Poor spelling, bad grammar, etc., speaks to one’s level of intelligence and not in good ways. Short and “sweet” doesn’t convey a lot of information; long and detailed tends to make most people stop reading or skipping to the end, bypassing what might be useful information.

            Worse, no matter what website you visit or whatever app you might use to shop with you’ll find more of the same and sorting through it all to find someone who’d fit your needs can be a not so nice pain in the ass.

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  2. Oh God. No Craigslist. I got my husband from okcupid 🙂 Got my college boyfriends from plentyoffish. Doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, you can find someone on one of these free sites. (Although I did get one of my first jobs on Craigslist…)

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      1. Lol I used to go and look at people’s profiles, mainly to see if they would then look at mine. Then see if it led anywhere. I learned that (as a female) I was a lot more successful in starting a relationship if I had the guy make the first move. (Also something I learned from the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus On A Date. Guys like to do the chasing.) If I spoke first, it never worked out. So it was a lot of waiting on my part. Anyway, maybe try okcupid, too? My friend and I both found our hubbies from there. Best of luck to you getting some bites 😉

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          1. Exactly and it’s becoming a selfish society. The few of us not like that stick out like sore trailblazers fighting the good fight which can be lonely and painful. But in order to stay true to yourself it is the only way. Many sell out to fit in and to be accepted, but in the end they can never be who they really are out of fear of losing what others expect them to contribute and therefore remain prisoners.
            And maybe my prior comments to you make just a little more sense now and why I urge you to be yourself. Everybody decides for themselves in the end and either the choice has to be theirs. I just don’t want to see you struggle and care for you my dear friend xoxoxo

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  3. I used to spend a lot of time on Craigslist looking for hookups with women and couples. The women are almost nonexistent and very few of the couples are real. Often times the couples are drug addicts looking for a fix, or people trying to earn money through prostitution.

    I did have some enjoyable hookups now and again but all in all it contributed to my addiction. I wish CL would just take down that damn section! Most recently I was just looking to have a hookup with a couple and they asked for a ‘room donation’… next thing I know I’m arrested for soliciting prostitution. My job is gone and I’m facing criminal charges.

    Craigslist is bad!

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