My Booty…

I have a love-hate relationship with my ass.  I think it’s big. At one time, when I worked out a lot – doing weightlifting, martial arts and running – it was fairly muscular.  That’s when I was proud of it – when I was fit, healthy, lean and muscular.  That wasn’t always the case, however, because I am super self-conscious about my butt.  But something happened last night at work that brought me back to some things I’ve heard about my ass, before – some of them 100% inappropriate (and may likely offend my African American friends/followers).

I work in an industry that is highly masculine and inundated with guys that are typically considered rough and “manly”.  I work in the oil & gas industry, on well-site locations, and many of the people I work with are not people that practice proper office decorum. As a result, the humor and the way these guys talk is brash, sexual, offensive and…well, disgusting at times.  There are many “gay” jokes among these guys, misogynistic jokes, etc.  It’s fairly typical and it doesn’t bother me on the surface… I don’t share in the vernacular, that’s for sure.  Well, last night, the sexual jokes had turned towards me and one of the crew members (too bad it wasn’t the cute one on the crew) made a joke about my ass and said, “{My Real Name} has got the perfect ass for fucking. It’s big and round”. Of course, there was uproarious laughter and I took it in stride – outwardly.

But almost in an instant, I heard all of the ways I had been teased about my ass throughout my life. I remember the time in middle school, during gym class while running around the track, several guys ran by me sticking their butts out intentionally. I remember in high school, the girl that lived up the street from me telling a friend of mine, “He’s ugly, but he has a nice ass.” And it reminded me of a job I had one summer where a co-worker had said, “You got a N-word woman’s ass…” (That guy was a complete pig and his racism was certainly high on the list that made him a creep). It reminded me when I was nick-named {My Real Name} Bubble-butt. These and many others have been mentioned over the course of my life.

Coming back to the present moment, however, no one on this crew is aware of my sexuality or my feminine tendencies – something I’m still hiding quite well. But it left me wondering how offended I should be.  Is it something I just shrug off and roll with it or was it something to be addressed?  Granted, this is a situation where I would lose respect, if I did anything about it.

It’s something I should have absolutely no concern about, but I do…


38 thoughts on “My Booty…”

  1. Aw, no need to feel offended by having a nice ass! Importantly, given how some people are, you learn not to let crude remarks rub you the wrong way unless, of course, its horribly, terribly offensive and something you’d not tolerate from anyone. You could change your ass; lord knows that thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery, people are having their butts modified in some way (and usually bigger, more, ah, bubble-ish). Now, given some of the stuff you’ve shared with us, having a nice butt seems to be a plus for you.

    Could be worse: You could be like so many people who have to listen to comments about not having an ass or having an ass that isn’t worth screwing, let alone looking at or touching. When you’re hanging with the boys, ain’t non telling what’s gonna be said and if it’s directed at you, unless you’re genuinely offended, ya just look at the speaker and say, “Whatever, dude…” and keep on working.

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      1. I would and I’d think that “Stephanie” would be stoked knowing dudes were checking out her butt. Bottom line is you could change it… but why if it attracts attention the way it already is?

        Now, if you start asking if the khakis you’re wearing makes your butt look too big…

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  2. I love the way these tough men need to stand around bitching in groups. Good thing life seems to go easy on them because some of us have the experience to know mental toughness is not the same as bullying and stolen valor. Stay sober. They hate because they know they couldn’t do it if they ever got hit with 1 week of our lives. I guess lawyers and jails exist for them when they do try to compensate for what they can then call illness. Poor bastards know they’re stuffed. Every dog has his day 😇🤕👻😾

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  3. Ah, men. You know you best, so I am not going to tell you what you should do. Reflecting on this..loss of respect in that environment may not be a good idea. If they don’t know about you…then let it roll. Celebrate your cute ass. Hell, smile and wink. And yesterday you said I was brave. I think you are far braver than I. I’m not sure I could survive in that environment. Hang in there.

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  4. I’m sorry that brought up bad memories. I have a butt and thick thighs and have heard comments where someone links sex with the way my body looks. I think they think they’re complimenting me but 🙄. In this case, I think playing it off, or if you feel like it, saying something like, “hmm, why you looking at my ass, dude?” would diffuse things. There’s nothing wrong with a bubble butt!! Embrace that booty!! 😄

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  5. I was thinking about this a lot. For me, I have a bustle. Oh to live in a generation where bustles are necessary!!! For you, I was proud of your response, but also scared for you. Guys (and girls) can be VERY mean when they want to prove themselves tough or whatever it is they want to prove. Both sexes can hurt (physically and mentally) a person who is even a smidge different. Sexual harassment can happen in a girls jr high locker room or a ‘guys’ world. Be safe and believe in yourself!

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  6. I wouldn’t be offended for having a nice, fuckable ass to be honest but maybe that’s just me… 😉
    I think it plays to your insecurities, that’s why you are uncertain of how to react. Don’t take it in a bad way. Definitely do not confront anyone for it. It means desirable too, you know…

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  7. Nothing to be offended by other then the cruel and brash way it is presented. In the end it is a compliment and perhaps jealousy in their end. You are special and I value you for picking up on this poor behavior and standing on your own feet. Most feel the need to act just as stupid to be accepted and to fit in.

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