Giving up?


I’ve written before about perseverance and not giving up – it was probably on my previous blog, since I can’t seem to find the poem I wrote about the topic.  But I am sitting here today, in a little bit of awe at myself.  I sound a little full of myself, but as I look back at some things over the past couple of years, I have made some serious strides in life.  They may not seem like a major big deal to some, but if you knew what I was going through a couple of years ago and how far removed I am from that mentality, you might actually crap a brick – I know I have.


I think I have been through the worst emotional and mental turmoil I have ever put myself through, and although I know a divorce is looming, I don’t feel defeated like I once did.  In fact, I feel like I am coming out on top a little bit.  I have work to do, still, but I am thankful that I have come this far for sure. I am finally beginning to embrace so much about myself, that I am amazed at what a beautiful person I am (okay, okay…I’m bragging a little). 😉  But I am learning to overcome.

I found so many things about myself that I am finally feeling comfortable in my own body. I am finding a long forgotten person trapped inside and she has been dying to come out. I am thankful for this aspect of who I am – I am truly learning to appreciate the human being I am and the person I am becoming. And I couldn’t have done it alone.


I read another blogger’s post today, that discussed finding a friend. And I have a great group of friends here on WP. I have really come to appreciate their advice, encouragement and suggestions.  Some of you I have really been able to strengthen the friendships and I am thankful that you have made me feel better about myself. And I’m thankful for the challenge many of you have given me.  I am finding myself through a lot of you and I am happy beyond measure, because of it.  And, I believe I am finding a good set of girlfriends too!


Anyways, without too much more sappy feel-goods, I am just thankful to be where I am today. ❤


25 thoughts on “Giving up?”

  1. This was so lovely to read, T. I’m so glad you’re feeling so much better about things, even if there still are challenges to face! And taking a look back to see how far you’ve come is a great idea! ❤🌺🌷🌸

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    1. Challenges make life interesting, right? I think I know that I have to keep some positivity in my life – obviously, I’m prone to dwelling in negativity, so I think I need to begin surrounding myself with positive, pretty, motivational thoughts…as a deterrent. 🙂

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      1. A good plan! Just remember that if you do have a down day, not to beat yourself up for it. You’re allowed. But know that it will pass and the brightness will return! 🌧☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️

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