Not tarnished, but corroded.

Sometimes metal will never shine again, because it’s integrity is altered by corrosion.


5 thoughts on “Not tarnished, but corroded.”

  1. NOT liking. You are not corroded. But, I do think I get what you mean when trying to put things together, but can’t you buff shine back into metals? This might be beyond my non science like brain, but try me! Or you could sent me a note via my contact with a dissertation on the topic. :o) But, to go back to the sentence pertaining to people, you are going to shine, my dear friend. I promise.

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  2. Oh, hell. Depression is bigger than alcohol and bigger than gender identity and bigger than a whole shitload of shit. It’ll make you feel less, and it’ll make you do less, than you are capable of. Fight that one. AA can play a companion, but that depression is the real enemy. Fight it with meds.

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