I’m pissed off!

I’m depressed again AND I fucking hate it!

I’m cranky, bitchy and just frustrated that I can’t somehow force my ass to be happy.


25 thoughts on “I’m pissed off!”

          1. I miss when life was simple like that. No responsibility, no soul draining 9 to 5, no bills! Plus I had friends, something that’s harder to come by the older I get. Oh, to be a 13 year old again! I never felt angry or pissed off at the world when I was a teenager, to the extent I do now anyways. Ignorace is bliss! I so want to go back to childhood. Growing up is such a sham.

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  1. That’s the keyword honey “force” and for myself I found it to be impossible to force anything. Some days just get the better of us and it’s hard to snap out of. Cry, scream, go somewhere and kick something to get the frustration out and afterwards do something that Stephanie enjoys doing and let yourself be carried away. Hugs friend, it won’t last. You deserve happiness and love ❤

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  2. get a great bottle of wine and indulge in some online shopping therapy. works like a charm and gets you through the moment (when meditating is out of the question, lo🍷💵🤑

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  3. Sucks, doesn’t it? And no matter what, you just can’t seem to shake off the feeling. I feel you. I’m trapped in the dark mist too. It’s been weeks now, and it won’t bloody go! *shakes fists in despair* You’ll get through it, though – you are strong! We both will. Sending you virtual hugs!

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  4. Yeh man. I understand that.
    Sounds like ‘a time’; been there, more than a few times.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Life can be pretty shitty at times. Sometimes it’s not case of sunny songs and fluffy bunnies, it’s a case of teeth grinding cussedness and determination to get through.
    Take care.

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