Something ventured, but nothing gained…?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with some things – some good and some not so good.  Well, I had a good friend suggest I try something and I gave it a shot – I placed an online personal’s ad for a friend.  I love this friend (among a lot of my friends who are loved), because she really pushes me to be the person I am and is very accepting of me.  Well, she suggested I try a personal’s ad and said I deserve to find someone to make me happy.  Well, I did it.

I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a friend (…of sorts), and I got a ton of responses. I mean, if I could magically weight the virtual responses, it would be close to a couple thousand pounds…

…of crap.

I had so many guys just wanting to have sex.  All they wanted was if I was available now for this or available later for that or whatever.  There was no effort on anyone’s part to get to know me, or understand my situation or any interest what I might want out of any potential relationship – granted, I’m only looking for friendship, because I have too much going on right now that anything more wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved. Overwhelmingly, most of the guys that emailed me were only looking for a quick sexual hook-up and I’m just not that kind of girl(?)/person anymore…I haven’t been like that since I was really, really, really young.

Not all were bad – or at least I thought so, initially.  A couple of different guys began chatting me up and it left me a little hopeful, that I might be able to have a close friendship with one or two for the time being. One even agreed to call me “Stephanie” in private, so he was high on my list.  But after a day or two, it turned, and he was pressuring me for pictures and pressuring me for Skype calls and such.  I simply am not ready for that – I’m really self-conscious right now and I’m just wanting to test the waters a little.  Another guy seemed really sweet and nice and he seemed genuine, but the conversation had quickly become stagnant. He even sent me a G-rated picture (thank gawd…), but after I told him he was cute, I have not heard back from him.  Another guy was kind a fun, and he and I flirted back and forth. I don’t know that I would ever meet him, because it got a little outta hand and I really don’t need to engage in anything authentic until I clear up some personal things in life.  But, I haven’t even heard back from him.

Overall, I am not pleased with the outcome of my effort to make a friend that has the potential of something better later down the road…



36 thoughts on “Something ventured, but nothing gained…?”

  1. Mate, my exciting date is going to the doctor. It was never supposed to be this way. I was young. Blonde dreadlocks… nearly landing a McTwist. Like George said in Seinfeld…. it was supposed to be the summer of George. But I got committed for beating a lot of people in political science and ethics debate… so they strapped me to bed. 2 decades on and they have carpet bombed my mind for a target the size of a nickel and still no WMD… my career as patient surpassed most of theirs getting richer. I keep getting up… mars in Taurus in the 12 so I could take more drugs than a herd of elephants… and I fucking smile. I asked one a couple of years ago for $250 so I could go to a brothel for a hug and someone who wasn’t in delusion about the world.. that went to 2 federal ministers and once more the mad coyote came out best. Bon jovi would agree… you live for the fight when that’s all that you’ve got. Lol. As long as you dance. I just want to dance and make any beautiful souls smile 🤣😅

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      1. Smile and hum along…. 😄 my failings as a communicator according to semiotics… then again it is probably a positive the more people who haven’t walked my path. Peace be with you

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  2. Ouch!!!!..

    Am so sorry 😐 that you hit a wall with that… but all these social sites is full of these men that just are interesting in sexual relationships and sexual encounters..

    I believe some just can’t get laid no other way.. or it’s just so impersonal that they can suggest just sex with no other commitments..

    Sad 😭 but true ..

    It seems like no one is interested in just trying to know someone and forming a relationship if it’s possible.. and prove worthy

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  3. Ah, that’s a shame… that none of them worked out. However, a testing of the waters is just a test. Maybe there are other venues in which to pursue a friendship? Is there a forum for such a thing on other social media where maybe in a group setting you can find a like minded soul? Facebook group, etc? Although, with FB, I thinker’s hard to remain anonymous. I haven’t dated in a reallllllly long time and never electronically! (Old, lol!)

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  4. I know the feeling! This is what online dating is like.. sigh. Even on the serious dating sites, out of 500 people who write me, there is *perhaps* one serious person, the rest only wsnt sex, preferably right away. I am sick of it really. 🌹😳💖💙 Luckily we have other friends!! 😉💪🖒🌷

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  5. Sorry to read about your experiences. Too many of these Wham-bam-thank-you-mam merchants seem to think that life is all about ‘action’ and that’s it. Shallow man, shallow.
    It says much to your credit that you are looking for more to life.
    Best wishes

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