Dirty Pig

I wanted a friend,

What I saw? Your true pig self.

I won’t touch it now!


18 thoughts on “Dirty Pig”

  1. I honestly think it is so hard to find “true” friends through electronic forums such as Craigslist or any dating sights. I have had days where I just wanted to waste some time at work so I answered a “strictly platonic” on Craigslist to just chat with someone and somehow even those go downhill way too fast. Those sites actually give me no faith in humanity.

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  2. I’m with Four Stars – the experiences I have had on online dating sites are almost comical. I have heard of some people having good experiences or outcomes but I was not one of them. Someone told me that the way to do it is avoid craigslist all together, sign up for one of the dating sites that best suits you, make your profile private and YOU choose who to contact, and take your time.
    Good luck honey!

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    1. Thank you, so much.
      I’m kinda reluctant to be considered “dating”, because I can’t really offer anything beyond friendship right now, but maybe that is the only way to go about it, huh?
      I really appreciate your advice.

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