…I just dream of being able to wear something as cute as this.



The anxiety is tough today and I thought looking at dresses would help me today…

…I think I might have made it worse. 😔


27 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. One of the ONLY reasons I would ever get an insulin pump is so I could wear dresses again. I love skirts, but sometimes dresses are well, fancier. However, I won’t take that step, so skirts are it. I wore dresses until my boys were born. Then, I realised how much more logical a skirt was. To sneak some into your personal wardrobe, I’ve seen some very nice man legs in kilts of various kinds. You get the swish and the ventilation and fun and look very sexy, too! Kilts are not long (well, the female kilts are, but not for men!)

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  2. She looks like Queensland entrepreneur Amber Renae who started off in fashion after briefly as an engineer. Look her up… you might gel with a lot of what she’s about. Very cool and genuine person.

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      1. She’s first class. I think she’s taken a bit of her business into the states recently. Another one them beautiful ladies who only likes me for my fashionable cat Cheyenne. Dangerously antisocial cat mind you. I wouldn’t go offering Cheyenne a damn drink 🤣😅

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