A little change I noticed in myself…

When I began this current blog, I had posted that I had previous blogs before.  For some reason, however, I have begun to accept myself way more than I used to.  And in one of my previous blogs, I had a post about saying the word “cute”, among other things.  Well, I was mentioning how “cute” is just not something a straight man would say, and I felt it was an example of the fact that I am innately bisexual with some feminine tendencies.  Well, over the past few days, as I began to reveal my inner Stephanie, I have also began to recognize something else I have been saying a lot.  I’m not sure when it started – maybe a few weeks ago, although I have said it before – but it is something I used to intentionally suppress. It’s quite similar to my use of the word “cute” actually.

I’m not sure if there is definitive psychology behind the use of certain words as a choice, but I would suspect that women tend to choose words that imbue a sense of feeling, where as men probably choose words that are more concrete.  (If there are any psychologists in the house, I would love to hear their opinions on the matter).  But I can’t help to assume that this is the case. And since, I have always felt their was a dichotomy to my gender, I can’t help but think that suppressing some of my word choices is not all that healthy. But the positive thing to get out of this, I think, is that I am starting to free my mind a little to use phrases and expressions a little more freely – to express the part of me that is feminine.

And you know what? I’m fucking loving it!

So, what are the things I’m saying and doing?

Well, I have been using “cute” again. I’m also referring to people as “sweet” – like, I’ve been using that term with guys too and it just feels right to use it.  For example, I’ve had a couple of make followers compliment me or say something nice to me and I feel completely liberated in calling these gentleman “sweet”. Obviously, I say it to my girlfriends on here too, but that is always easier, I think.  But to have a guy say something nice to me and me turn and tell him, “That was sweet of you” just makes me feel happy. I am also using little heart symbols and little flower symbols, simply because I am able to feel a little more girly.

I know ya’ll are probably sick of hearing me go on and on about me accepting my feminine nature, but those of you that are putting up with me, I really appreciate you all “being so sweet”!


15 thoughts on “A little change I noticed in myself…”

  1. I love your little emojis and I’ll second that you are so sweet. For me the way I word depends on the individual with whom I’m speaking, how I relate to them and definitely my mood. I come with a law background so I can see where others might think I could be too aggressive at times. I’m a work in progress too.

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  2. You are fun to follow and you are NOT overusing ideas, themes, or words. And my 27 year old military son loves Disney musicals, uses the word cute, and raises chickens. Live your life the way you need to. You often only get one chance.

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  3. You are so sweet.. just plain sweet …how cute you are.. miss tarnished…,

    I think I a little confused 🤷‍♀️ though..
    Either way.. I just love your sweet ass..
    please just be you. And don’t surpress the true you..
    everyone will love you for who you truly are..
    When you You are the real you.. you will feel carefree and free spirited and much more at peace with yourself.. and you will shine and be even sweeter than you have ever been..

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