It comes…

…and just like that, almost in an instant the depression steamrolls right over me.

I’ve had a very….hmmm…stimulating day, and now that the night is coming to an end, I feel…desolate. Like everything good is meaningless.

I hate that feeling.

I’m going to fucking bed and hoping I wake up bright eyed and busy tailed…

I’m feeling something I don’t know how to describe…

Sleep should help.


29 thoughts on “It comes…”

  1. Good luck. I just had a psychotic junkie just try to pick a fight with me at a cafe. He was going nuts verbally out front. When he came in he called me by name. I had never seen him before. Was interesting. What can a poor boy do but play in a rock and roll band…

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          1. The local cop shop is not good. Unfortunately that is not just the assessment made from reading news reports. A lot of construction many there and they have been unregulated for a while. Apparently the winds of change are blowing. We will see.

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      1. I found that to be the case over the years in my life as well. I noticed it was more the coming down from the high of a revelation (maybe adrenaline drop) than depression. Kind of like being exhausted after a great climb. I’d rest up and feel lighter and more sure footed.

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  2. I see by the other comments that sleep did help combat the stress. Having a ‘high’ high during the day does sometimes lead to a crash. I can speak to that myself. Hope today is good … and steady as she goes!

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  3. This sounds familiar. To quote from an old 1960’s song ‘One day you’re up. And the next day you’re down’ (Blues Magoos- ‘An’t Got Nothing Yet’).
    The mind is a complex arrangement. You can be high flying and all is good. The next day nothing has changed, but it’s become the Normal and the mind has adjusted; so where’s the buzz? The perception is that it has gone, and so Normal becomes the Down. This is not unusual when going through a very difficult time. Then add in the physical factor of tiredness. AND the background fear factor ‘Will All The Goodness End?’.
    Sometimes it becomes almost a matter of not listening to oneself (which can be weird)
    I’m glad to sleep help though.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Best wishes

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