I now have 1000 followers:  This wonderful gem is the recent addition (hopefully, she doesn’t mind me linking her blog).  I love the fact that I get a 1000 followers and that 1000th follower has posted about her own busy life, but more importantly she discusses Mother Earth and introduces her post with a poem about a creator and earth – I am always amazed about little ironies in life and I like the fact that my 1000th follower has a blog post based on some issues I have been facing lately.

Anyways, she seems like a good person and I hope to read more of her posts.




32 thoughts on “1000 Followers”

  1. Congrats on 1000!! I am in awe. I don’t even have 300 yet 🙂 almlst 300 though.. and it seems to be quite a bit harder as self hosted blogger, to get new “bloggies”, but, once in a while, a new little sign says I have a new follower…. so, who knows. But, it is still the commitment that I like… that some people just keep tuning in, for whatever reason…

    Keep up the good work! Who knows, perhaps some day you will have 10.000 followers, and not even know how it happened! 😁🖒🌹

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