QFMR: Kissing – Best and worst?


Today I read someone else’s post about kissing a guy. She described it as less than ideal and it made me think about the ways people kiss – and what makes them good or bad.  I know we have all experienced the worst and the best, from our own points of view, but do you care to share your experiences?

For me, being bisexual, I have had the chance to kiss both men and women (or boys and girls, when I was a lot younger.) I can honestly say, the best kiss I received from a guy, I spoke about in this post here.  The worst kiss I ever got from a guy, was horrible because he smoked and his breath just smelled bad. I didn’t kiss him for very long, as you can imagine.

The worst kiss I ever had with a woman, was probably in high school, I went on a date with a girl I liked.  She and I ended the date and I moved into kiss her and she through her arms around me and shoved her tongue in my throat…I thought I was going to suffocate. I mean, I was a little intimidated by the size of her tongue and how aggressive she was.  The best kiss from a woman, I have ever had, I can honestly say was with my wife.  I don’t think we stopped kissing for like a week straight, after meeting.  She was a phenomenal kisser and was very enticing.

So, now my question(s) for you, dear readers:


1.)    Who was your best kiss with and why was it so good?

2.)    Who was your worst kiss with and why was it so bad?


18 thoughts on “QFMR: Kissing – Best and worst?”

  1. Best kiss: my wife, and still just as good.

    Why: she has soft lips, I love her taste, she’s gentle with the tongue, I love when she sucks on my tongue, she throws in a nibble or two of my bottom lip, and I can feel the hunger when it gets serious.

    Worst kiss: one nighter in college.

    Why?: I felt like I was being accosted. No build up, no switching pace. It was BAM! Tongue inserted and plunging repeatedly. It was weird. Hence the primary reason it was a one night stand.

    And, that concludes our TMI portion of the show. 😃

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  2. I love kissing. I am one of those hug and kisser types. (I usually do those on the cheek, though) You may have sparked a thought for me to write about! OK, worst kiss. There really hasn’t been a bad kiss. Less than stellar, certainly, and ones I’d not go back for. But, not really one that I’d consider a worst. Most bad kissers can be trained out of it. If you want to take the time! My spouse has been the best kisser I’ve encountered so far, when he has time to share them!

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  3. Uuuhmm… it has been so long ago 😦 lol . I can say that there are only a few who are really good at it!! One of my absolute best was my ex (NOT the narcissist! My other ex, before him.. in some posts, I have called this wonderful kisser ex: “Mr. X”. So if you are ever bored you can seaech on my site for those posts, I think they were quite appreciated for all the love and passion of that story between us, which was simply a “great love story”! ). 🙂 Uhm… worst = 75 – 80 % of guys I have met! They just do not wait and explore gently… or they are too “lame”. Haha! :p

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  4. Hmm… worst kiss was a guy who had a fat little tongue that darted in and out of my mouth with no rhyme or reason. Oh wait, maybe it was the guy who just opened his mouth really wide and slobbered all around my face… sadly since I didn’t really start dating until I was in my mid 30’s these are still fresh in my memory. Good ones for me.. well I like the fingers and the mouth, kwim? 😉 haha, no seriously – if there’s a light touch of the persons hand or thumb along my jawline or even down the back of my neck along my shoulders… and a kiss that starts off gentle and builds up passionately. A little bit of nibbling (especially on the ear and neck).. *sigh* My current boyfriend is not an affectionate, kissy person at all and it drives me nuts. I’m going to revert to my teenage years of making out with my own hand 😉

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