God: What I think he or she should be…

Yesterday, in my post on Acceptance, I had a friend suggest I make a list of what/who I think God should be. If you’ve been a part of my blog, it becomes readily obvious that I struggle with God and religion. I was raised as a Catholic, but I find that concept to be rather limiting to someone of my sexuality. Β Before I continue, I also believe there is some danger in being selective about what we believe – the idea of moral ambiguity seems chaotic to me.

However, I will perform the suggested exercise, and here is my list of what I think God(dess) should be:

  1. Obvious – I don’t like guessing games. I need a higher power that easily self-identifies as such.
  2. Natural – I believe we have an amazing world and I can’t help but think that a God or Goddess would want the natural world around us to be destroyed.
  3. Loving and understanding – We make mistakes in life and I need a cushion.
  4. Accepting of human sexuality in its natural forms – being bisexual, most of you can see why I need this to be open. Most organized religions reject alternative sexualities.
  5. Clear messages – like number 1 above, I admit I’m a bit stupid and I want something to be clear, so I know if I am doing something wrong.
  6. Instant judgement for some “sins” – let’s face it, there are some monsters in humanity and I think there should be instant punishment (lightening strikes and such) for such deplorable as child rapists.
  7. Etc.

This is a beginning, but these are som3 things that I think God SHOULD be.

Day 89.



19 thoughts on “God: What I think he or she should be…”

  1. Who’s to say this isn’t God or Goddess? You’re just some guy that came up with a list of what you think God is. The churches were all based on things that some other guy came up with.

    Isn’t their only authority self proclaimed?

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  2. It was a great exercise for me to consider all of the things I wanted my Higher Power to be for me. I was really surprised/doubtful when I shared my list with my sponsor who then proclaimed “Well, that list – that’s exactly what your HP is!”. I didn’t get it at the time but now I have a different understanding of it that makes sense for me. The beauty of my Higher Power, in connection with sobriety is that it always comes back to “as I understand Him (/her/etc.)” – Being raised Catholic, I had presupposed ideas about what God was or wasn’t and I came to realize that religion and spirituality are very, very separate for me. Even considering the concept of a Higher Power is a step toward discovering what spirituality means to you – to which I say congratulations! It’s a wonderful, daunting but rewarding step to begin to take πŸ™‚

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  3. Congratulations on 89 days!

    Not related, but I am going to try to email you a link to a youtube video that I was watching (for my own needs), and for some reason, my inner voice piped up and said “share this with TS”.

    It was last week that this occured, but I procrastinated, because I was worried you might be offended at my presumption, but I try to listen to that voice, so share I shall.

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  4. Don’t let religion keep you from experience the amazingness of God. You’re human like the rest of us God loves you just as much! Jesus came and died for ALL of us . We all sin differently . You are not banned from experiencing Gods greatness because of your sexuality . I know all of our beliefs are different and you may not believe in the same things as me but that’s okay. We are all struggling in one way or another. I just wanted to let you know that God loves you. Wish you the best ❀❀

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  5. I hope this helps.
    I believe in God and God created the entire Universe and allowed Life to flourish, and God did this out of Love and Creativity. God’s message is to Love, and Respect or at least tolerate and show compassion. We like wilful children tend not to listen despite the numerous messages which are sent. There are some who in their vanity have perverted those messages to suit their desires for hate and dominance; they are the blasphemers, ignore them, they will live sour lives consumed by their hate and thus corroded will probably not have the strength of spirt to survive to the next stage.
    It is a hard struggle this Life. Strive as best you can to live by Compassion, Respect and Tolerance. It is never easy and the roads are rocky, but when you can find a shade by the roadside, rest up before you travel on. There is always a shade and a place to rest around the next bend.
    Some day, of course our bodies will cease to function; I believe it is then the true adventures may begin.
    Best wishes to you on your journey.

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      1. As with most things in Life our perceptions of a Supreme Being, or lack of a Supreme Being must eventually come down to the person. One of the constant tragedies of our societies is this propensity to try and force our beliefs down the throats of others. As I see God sends messages to many forms because we are so varied. Some folk might even conclude from those messages that there is no God; it’s just how they’ve read the message.
        Sometimes it’s best to just leave the whole issue as a background to Life and carry on doing the best you can with what you have and in that maybe an answer for you will seep through into the conscious.
        Best wishes.

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  6. I came across this post looking for a blog about cooking!! Haha. Anyway, I wonder, why is this what you think God should be like?
    I read your explanations and they all make sense, but why these specific attributes? And why in a positive light?

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