Something positive.


The past several days have been pretty stressful. I accept that; although my soul is tarnished, I know I can restore it to something beautiful.

Today, I know:

1.) I appreciate my faults, because they are the buttons that tighten my reality.

2.) I am unique and many of you make me feel so blessed for being a beautiful version of myself.

3.) I’m compassionate and I care for those around me. It’s not a weakness, because it builds strong relationships.

4.) Sometimes being a bitch is needed.

5.) I’m on a path to recovering myself, in a more authentic version.

That is what I know today and I needed to offer myself some motivation and inspiration.

And something else- my blood sugars have been awesome, because I am paying close attention to self-care, I’m sober and I’m down five more pounds a total of 13 since I made some decisions to love myself.



18 thoughts on “Something positive.”

  1. Lots to be positive about! Great work on the self love, so many of us get caught up in the taking care of everyone else idea that we forget to care for our own needs…. I thin you’ve been doing a lot of that, T. ❀

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