QFMR: What puts you at peace?

In the past coupleight of days, I have indicated my stress and anxiety are pretty high. The best thing for me is to maintain emotionally centered and it made me think about things that put me at peace. But it made me wonder what puts others at peace, so I ask:


What, dear readers, what puts you at peace when things are stressful?



40 thoughts on “QFMR: What puts you at peace?”

  1. My cats!!! So loving and cute. Unconditional love fron them. Also, walks anywhere in nature where there is great scenery, preferably mountains, but you already know that! And oh, just layong down in bed with someone you love and hug and talk about everything and nothing (haven’t had that for a while though!). :p

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  2. When I can get to the Inlet and look at the waves of the tide and the mountains across the bay–those bring me peace. When I can’t do that? Sex, friends, books. Books are what I turn to the most often. They are a lot more available.

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  3. I have anxiety too and for a long time I ate my fears and feelings. Wouldn’t recommend that. For me, the only thing that has truly helped was prayer. There’s a peace that comes from Jesus that really changed my life. Jesus then sitting in front of the ocean. Those are mine. โค

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  4. Water of any kind. In the roughest of times, I’ll take a bath in silence and imagine all of my pains and stresses flowing from me into the water until I am completely weightless. Then I unplug the drain and feel my own weight again while all my anguishes go down with the water. Usually I feel much lighter. Relaxed. Even a little drunk from the release of it all.

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