Just a dress I like…

I was looking at dresses today (Some of you already know I like dresses), and this caught my eye. It’s probably not good for my self esteem, because I want to wear something like this and I’m so far from passable, it’s unreal.



35 thoughts on “Just a dress I like…”

  1. Aaaah..
    Isn’t it awful when you come across an outfit you like so much..
    and you are not built/shaped to suit it.

    Surely sucks..
    but we have to know what complements our bodies and refuse to wear some that don’t do you justice…

    That’s really a beautiful dress 👗 made just for these tall slim girls..

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  2. My shape cringes around geometric designs. I was thinking about how to find what looks good on a person and I am pretty sure there are apps where you can put your body into it and ‘try on’ clothes. There must be. As one of my teen friends once said, there is an app for everything!

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