QFMR: Where have they gone?

So, I was looking at old posts and realized there are some people I liked that are no longer on WP. I know real life takes precedence, and ya’ll know I have had my hissy fits and deleted accounts, but I do miss several people that are no longer around.

My question for my readers:


Where has everyone gone?

Do you worry about these people?


22 thoughts on “QFMR: Where have they gone?”

    1. I have one friend that I haven’t heard from in months. I’ve emailed her and I’ve tried contacting her on WP. Kinda worried, since she did have a chronic condition.
      Another in a potentially abusive relationship has her WP deleted.
      The list goes on, sadly.

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  1. I always wonder. Always. Thankfully, this particular blogging forum doesn’t have many people in it as followers. BUT, there was one blog I followed, the author changed to a different blogging venue and I have had a dickens of a time following again. And I LIKED that one!

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    1. I did think seriously about moving one of my other blogs to WP and not attach it to my blessings blog. I’d have to create a new profile and stuff, but it might be worth it.

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  2. I’m pretty new to the WP blogging scene but one person I followed went MIA. It made me sad..especially for her because we are all here trying to help each other… through our successes and failures..but I continue to pray for her πŸ™πŸ» We connect with each other…it’s like a virtual family lol!πŸ˜ƒ.

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  3. I do wonder about people when they disappear. I’ve reached out to people to check on them when they go quiet and people have done the same to me. I think there are some that go quiet because things have fallen apart and I guess some are doing really well and just outgrow the blogging and move on to other things. It’s difficult to tell which it is sometimes though.

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  4. It is very sad! I can not complain though, since I am just as “bad”, I will go MIA for weeks if I get a “dark period in my life”… I usually come back though.. πŸ™‚ but yes, I wonder where people go… most of them are hopefully OK!! 🌸⚘

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