QFMR: How do you cool your jets?

Today, I am experiencing an intense crush. All of a sudden I noticed an attraction to someone on WordPress and it is intense, making my head spin, my breathing deepen, my eyes roll back in my head, my mouth is dry kind of attraction. My mind is racing with fantasies, validating things that are not in my best interest, and yet the naughty temptation to act like a wanton little slut is oozing out of every pore of my body.

I feel a lack of control at the moment.

So, I ask my readers:


How do you cool your jets?


28 thoughts on “QFMR: How do you cool your jets?”

  1. Enjoy the fantasy…much like a previous commenter mentioned. 10 minutes seems a bit rushed to me, but the end result will help, no matter how long it will require to acquire. It’s a temporary fix, of course, but who cares? It’s beneficial, and can always be repeated if necessary. 😃

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    1. Well…the power is overwhelming…I wouldn’t need to be led into temptation, because I’d be running towards it like I was going to dinner on an empty stomach.

      I’m doing a little better now, but I don’t know how long it’ll last. 😉

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  2. At the least it does make you feel alive, feeling every sense, maybe even something that has been missing. And yes I do believe you will and can take matters into your own hands. Literally lol. Just trying to make you smile my beautiful friend. 😘

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  3. As a flirt in every sense of the word, virtual or not, it is hard to restrain oneself at times. However, taking a break from technology is the most logical thing to do when things are out of control.

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