AJ: Girly and Delicious!

I haven’t written in my Appreciation Jar in quite some time, but today I was interacting with someone on her blog and I was complimented. Based on my earlier post about appreciating myself, I decided to cut and paste what she said to me:

“You look pretty girly to me!
Actually, you look delicious!”

It instantly made me blush and made me appreciate that I am too hard on myself, maybe I deserve to see myself the way others see me.

Today, I’ll accept that I am girly and delicious. šŸ˜Š


13 thoughts on “AJ: Girly and Delicious!”

  1. Hooray! This is a VERY good post. I like the idea of an appreciation jar. I am not sure I’d feel confident enough to even try to have one for myself, but I do appreciate others a GREAT deal. Will look at this more and see where it leads. Good work!

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