No More Excuses: Shit Just Got Real

Okay, I am nervous for a medical screening for a job I am trying to get. Today, I got the paperwork detailing the things I need to do and I am genuinely concerned about my ability to do them. They should be relatively simple for my age and gender, but looking at them and realizing that I’m scared to do it means one thing and one thing only:

I’m very fucking aware of my health and fitness level.

I can’t continue to live like this. I’m tired, pissed off and want my old life back. This is some bullshit!

I shouldn’t be fucking nervous about this stuff, I shouldn’t be scared about my abilities. I should not have doubts.

I can not talk about it any longer. This shit is no longer a game; it’s fucking real and my life depends on it.


16 thoughts on “No More Excuses: Shit Just Got Real”

  1. Fire up man. I know the score. One day at a time… be prepared for the fact that some people don’t like seeing us get on our feet again…. God loves a trier (and the Essendon Football Club)

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  2. I’m right besides you and no longer have time to procrastinate. To know what I need to do but instead of doing to out it off for another day.
    We won’t have another day to put it off if we don’t get out shit together, stop making excuses and just finally do it.
    Let’s do it together and stay motivated. Remind ourselves as to why we have to do it and get serious. Best of wishes and luck my friend. Dig deep to find the determination to see it through and I will do the same. Hugs xoxoxo we got this….come on

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