It’s been 17 years, and yet…

The memory hurts,

Still, you are loved, can you see?

I wish I was there.

(Today is the seventeenth anniversary of my brother’s suicide)


41 thoughts on “It’s been 17 years, and yet…”

      1. This is a great post. I think you know I struggle with depression, and have been suicidal many times… I have always told myself that my loved ones would be sad… but they would get over it

        I know that sounds incredibly stupid… But it was eye-opening to me to read your post…
        Part of me is ashamed to admit that… but I thought more importantly, that you should know.
        You just never know whose life you might be saving…. or how many others you might save from pain, by sharing your own

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  1. I’m sorry. This and your last post indicate you are struggling. Sending prayers up for you. I hope you will wake up tomorrow with hope for a bright future, and that God showers you will all sorts of pleasant interactions tomorrow. Take care.

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  2. I hear you mate. I found myself telling someone I have worked with for the last year that my brother was killed 21 years ago. I have gotten so used to internalizing it that I don’t realize most people have no idea that I ever had a sibling

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  3. OMG I had no idea and I am beyond sorry for your loss. Big big hug my dear friend. I lost my dad at the age of ten and I will always miss him. You have a beautiful soul and even without knowing this prior, I knew that you have seen pain and adversity as it always requires these elements to form Angels like yourself.

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