Just a small recap of 2016…

I just wanted to share a small recap of my posts of 2016, by linking the top 3 viewed:

  1. About a Tarnished Soul
  2. Bisexual and in a relationship
  3. Question For My Readers: Pursuing Spirituality…?

Please feel free to comment. I’m particularly curious which of my posts stand out most in your mind – of course, it can be different than the three linked above.

Happy New Year to you all!




12 thoughts on “Just a small recap of 2016…”

  1. Before I read any further!! I just read About a Tarnished Soul….SO GLAD TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You were one of my favorite blogs when I ALSO had another blog – His Temple. Love you friend! I will be catching up with your entire blog now that I know who you are! ā¤

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  2. I love them all. The second one was the first blog of yours that I read. I can relate to a lot of your blogs and it gives me peace knowing I’m not alone in fighting issues in this crazy thing called life. I look forward to reading more of your work!

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