Day 21 – Still struggling

Tonight, I was called a “faggot alcoholic” and I should “go suck my sponsor’s dick”, all in response to an argument that I rolled my eyes…

Fuck her…

…I’m on day 21 and if I do this as an act of motha-fuckin’ defiance, then that is what I’ll do for this 24 fucking hours.

I’m going to beat this and I am going to fucking win!


40 thoughts on “Day 21 – Still struggling”

  1. Don’t drink mate. Under any circumstances. Just don’t drink. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction of you taking any steps backwards. Don’t even let them see how you may or may not feel. Don’t drink and know you are doing your best and will survive

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      1. I had dinner last night with a couple of mates who still do meetings. Many people I know still do meetings. I knock around with many who don’t some of whom maintain sobriety. Get your foundation. Put your ass in a chair and listen. Listen to it whether you like it or not. Most of life is simply about turning up.

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  2. Faggot alcoholics RULE and jealous assholes DROOL!! Keep on doing what you’re doing sweetie. You are on the right path. Don’t let loser talk bring you down. I’ve done 3 meetings in a day if needed. Always remember, it’s THEIR stuff not yours. Hang with the winners.

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      1. Really, there is no excuse for name calling, no matter what. I was trying to make a point to rise above all the bull-shit. I was bullied throughout my youth, in school and at home and being name called was second nature to me. Still, one never gets use to it and it is deplorable at best. She has to have a super low self-esteem to feel the need to keep you down to where she is. Hurt people hurt people. Don’t buy what she’s selling. Just do you… be yourself.

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          1. We have a saying here, “Even if your ass falls off, just don’t drink!”. You’re sobriety is more important than anyone or anything and should always come first. That’s because it’s about You. You are more important and should always come first in this instance. You are absolutely a beautiful soul. Know that I truly care about you.

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    1. It wasn’t an alcoholic…it was someone that has the highest level of intimacy with me and it was used against me.

      But yeah, I laughed…it was designed to hurt and I wasn’t going to reward it.


  3. Hello,
    I present to you great news.
    I’m not here to judge you at all.
    The Lord Jesus Christ offers you life, forgiveness, and an identity that you will love.
    All you need to do is believe on Him as your Saviour.
    He loves you, and wants to give you life.

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      1. My friend,
        God loves you. We all fall short in the flesh. I was exceedingly evil in the flesh.
        But you know what?
        I believed on Him,
        And He made me the righteousness of God, (Romans 3.22)…and He loves you, and offers you the same gift that He gave to me my friend.
        All that’s required of you is to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ’s death paid for your sins, and He was buried, and rose from the dead, having achieved your justification.
        Believe…not try to be good…believe on Him, and I guarantee you.
        You will receive His life, forgiveness, mercy, righteousness, and love eternal.

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          1. I can’t make you believe on Him of course. But I can tell you that He offers you life if you’ll believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour.
            The option to believe, or not believe is yours. His mercy is there for you if you want it.

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