Irritable, restless and discontent.

I’m pissed off today and White-knuckling my sobriety today.

Day 19…

But I only need to be sober today.


19 thoughts on “Irritable, restless and discontent.”

  1. When I need a meeting or someone to speak to and there isn’t one available, I found “In The Rooms”, an online interactive meeting, a true life saver. It’s just like being at a face to face meeting with a chairperson and a group. Couldn’t hurt to check it out. You can actually see who is speaking or choose be anonymous by blocking your camera. They have video AA meetings every 2 hrs and have other recovery meets as well such as NA, gambler, cocaine, chronic pain, dual diagnosis, NA Pride, nicotine, sex, overeaters, codependency, agnostic aa, and more. It’s an awesome site that stretches world wide and I highly recommend it for anyone having issues in their life. No one should have to go it alone. You can find ITR at: . I, for one, still have a difficult time asking for help from people in my life. Probably because I have been shut down so many, many times when I have reached out in the past. ITR is the perfect place for me.

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