Day 17 and here is some writing…

I wanted to share a piece of me with some authentic handwriting from yours truly…

Day 17



20 thoughts on “Day 17 and here is some writing…”

  1. I had to agree/like the comments above. You are walking a hard road and it helps to know a total stranger is out there cheering for you. I’ve not experienced where you are. I have other vices. Bless you for being strong when you don’t think you are.

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  2. Keep on Keeping on, mistah. You are an inspiration. My hubs and I have set a New Years Resolution to replace our nightly cocktails with the gym. I dread it but want it at the same time. I celebrated ONE year of no smoking on the 14th, if I can quit smoking, surely I can quit my cocktails too. ONWARD and UPWARD!!!

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