QFMR: Is flirting wrong when in a relationship?

As many of you know, I am in a relationship. I have often been told, I am a flirt, but there are many times I don’t see that in myself. Today, I had a bit of a flirtatious interaction with someone and it made me question where boundaries should exist. So, me question for my readers:


Is it wrong to be flirtatious if you’re in a relationship?

What boundaries should exist in a relationship?



37 thoughts on “QFMR: Is flirting wrong when in a relationship?”

  1. I mention on one of my other blogs how much of a flirt I am. I am positive it is a gene, I could flirt with a chair! But, I am not going to answer either question. I’m the wrong person to respond in more depth.

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  2. I think we all do it, to some degree. Doing while with your partner isn’t good, very disrespectful. It’s normal, I think, and generally harmless. Now, if it’s with a purpose, leading to something else? Nope. I’d not be ok with that.

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  3. Just on its face, there is nothing wrong with it. Like everything else in life, the motive is the key. I was raised in Louisiana, we are very passionate about life and openly show affection in an animated way. It is simply how we communicate. To not do that is considered a snub. I am in Tennessee now and that does not fly here. It even happens here on our blogs. I get painted with the wrong brush. Flirting is a healthy and basic human response. I used to like it when someone flirted with my wife. It made her feel that she was still desirable and confirmed what I knew already. Plus, I knew who she was going home with. If the relationship gets serious and you truly love the guy you will start wearing a no-vacancy sign and not even know it! Peace, Marshall

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  4. I’m not even sure what flirting is…. honestly. I’m trying to think “what is flirting though?” and i can’t think of any examples. Either that shows I’m too much of a loner to know or shows how autistic i am.

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      1. it’s more that i’m unsure how to distinguish from just being friendly or flirting. Especially with females, because their friendliness and flirting behaviour often looks the same to me

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  5. I think it depends on the intentions behind. Sometimes it’s just fun and if returned may even boost self esteem and you feeling good about yourself. We all want to feel desired and wanted, maybe another reason we flirt sometimes. That feel good feeling may be lacking at times in our relationships when the new wears off.

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  6. I think what really matters, is are YOU comfortable with it. It depends on what type of boundaries you have with your partner. I am a flirt. But I often ask myself when I am flirting, “would I be comfortable if my husband was watching this?” I would probably be a bigger flirt if I did not take his feelings into consideration.

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  7. How does your partner feel about it? Where have you both discussed and agreed on what works for you?
    You seem so torn in your last few posts. I hope all is well on your new job.
    Be well, and seek your own peace. If you and your partner are good, why worry about what the blogosphere thinks?
    You feel good about you, and if you don’t, figure out why, and make your adjustments. Just feel good with you, and enjoy being you.

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    1. So, a couple of themes here:

      My question about flirting is merely for entertainment. I’m just curious about other people. True, I flirted and felt flirted with, but I’m not in any position to take it further than that…it’s not right. 🙂

      Secondly, I totally agree with the idea that it’s dependent upon the relationship, but I wondered ho2 others felt.

      Third, I’m struggling with the new job. It’s stressful and doesn’t pay well, so I am working a second job and still looking. I feel confident this is the best way to handle it. I am stressed, but I’m also trying to quit drinking again, so most of my stress is,due to that.

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  8. Like Four Stars said, I ask myself if I would be comfortable if my husband were present, but I also ask myself, “would I be comfortable if 1)my husband were behaving in a similar manner with another woman, and B)another woman were behaving in a similar manner toward my husband.”

    If the answer to any of those 3 is no, then it’s not okay for me.

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