I’m not even sure why I try, sometimes.

My life, really is and endless circle and I live the same struggles over and over and over.




17 thoughts on “Hmmm…”

  1. The struggle IS real my friend. I’ve been there more times than I wish to recall. You do have the power within you, however sometimes we need others to lean on to find our inner strength. I found a weekly therapist that listens, doesn’t judge and helps put my feelings in perspective. He’s been my go to person for a while now; a safe harbour for all my crap. An unbiased party might be what you need at this time. Food for thought.

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      1. I understand. I had to change insurances yrs ago. The therapist I had, who was a perfect fit for me at the time, did not take that particular type. The hunt was on. I’d gone thru numerous therapists since and I did get discouraged after a while. Then came Jack. He kind of fell in my lap and I went to him begrudgedly, with no expectations. He’s awesome! Not everyone is a fit. I know in this instance it’s me and not them. I have to be completely open willing to do the work. As I look back, I can’t honestly say that I have been in the past. I’ve always held back. I found that, with Jack I have been. With anything, I guess I had to reach a bottom. Yes, I am an extremist and I’ve been working on that. Point is, there is not just one good therapist out there for you. I am a walking billboard of what you don’t have to go thru. Keep trying, keep seeking. You don’t have to wait years in between therapist out of fear.

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  2. Sometimes it comes down to one step at a time, working through one day after another. Going around in circles, until suddenly you get escape velocity and you’re out of that orbit. I wish I could give a time-table, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.
    Keep on, keeping on.
    Been there. (often)

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