Day 1: 30 Chips?

So, I’m on day 1 again.

I went to an AA meeting tonight and asked for another 24 hour chip – the symbol of getting through just today to be sober. The old timer who gave it to me asked, “How many of these do you have now? 30?”

I took my chip and said, “Yeah…probably so.”

I’ll try again. I owe it to myself, don’t I?


25 thoughts on “Day 1: 30 Chips?”

  1. Only you can do it and I know you will when the time is right. Let this one be the one because you are right. You owe it to yourself and there is no such thing as controlled drinking. You got this and it’s nice to have you on here more xoxo.

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  2. Pretty piss poor of the old timer. Too many members do no 12 step work and I wondered how many ever hit rock bottom. Keep trying mate. Do you best. No matter what it is good enough and you are worthy of some peace. I have a group of sober alchies and a few still on the booze. Our common purpose is to get well and to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

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      1. One day you will stop rationalizing your drinking, and wondering if you have a problem or not. One day you will stop craving it all the time, and one day you will stop missing it at every event. One day not drinking will be normal to you, instead of the other way around. And one day it will just happen, and you won’t really know it, until something triggers it, and then you’re going to be thinking, “I haven’t thought about drinking today, as matter of fact, I don’t know when I last thought about drinking!”

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  3. I have no way of understanding what you must be going through right now. Friends have told me that recovery is a “right now” process. That is why I feel it is important that you hung in there for one day. Knowing that, I hope that you will be patient with yourself and do it again tomorrow.

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  4. every time I don’t drink my ability to not drink gets stronger. the first few weeks of my sobriety driving past the beer/liquor store was a very hard thing to do. but every time i did it (even though part of me was screaming to turn around) every time i overcame that urge, i got a little stronger. i took another step into my alcohol free life. just remember when it’s hard it won’t be like that forever, just for now, for a little while. You can handle that.

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