Love of Death

Life’s pain to the core.

How do I escape? Tell me.

Everything hurts!

(These are just thoughts, please don’t worry)


14 thoughts on “Love of Death”

      1. Progress not perfection my friend. Keep doing your best and if you do any moral inventory pick out some good things about yourself. We are PhD’s in doing immoral inventory or having a go at ourselves 😆

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          1. I often notice myself doing that. I just point out to myself that I am doing it again. Sometimes we are better at stopping it. Just noticing it can be good enough

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              1. Hang in there mate. Usually people who kill themselves should have hung on a few days longer as they pretty much always kill the wrong person. Keep breathing and check in with people you trust who can help. I have been down before feeling that no one could help in any way. I have always had some sort of belief that we are here for a higher reason. Harm to self or others is never a total solution

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  1. Yes love. It hurts. Some days I can hardly breathe from the pain… and then it passes… Sometimes you just have to accept that it hurts and feel the feels…. and just never let go of the hope for better days.

    I pray. If you are up to it, exercise usually helps… but it’s SO hard to do when you’re feeling depressed.

    Do you have a pet? That can help A LOT.

    But bravo for sharing. Keep talking. WP is a wonderfully supportive world. ❤

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