Day 2 of the 3-Day Quote Challenge

Yesterday, I began the challenge of listing three quotes on each of three days and nominating three people to do the same (although, I completely understand, if people don’t want to do it).  I’ve listed the rules in Day 1, for those of you interested in doing it. Yesterday’s theme was on alcoholism and today I’m going to choose another aspect of what I have dealt with in life: Being a bisexual man.

So, here are my quotes:

This quote captures the essence I felt for some of my friends in life. I had some that I had secretly wished would have been more.
Since, I kept my sexuality secretive, I never really experienced a whole lot of ill-treatment. Most of my hang-ups were all self-induced.
I’ve always liked this quote, but I actually do love some of the body parts 😉


And the wonderful people, I’d like to nominate are:

  1. RhapsodyBoheme (She’s really cool, especially since we share a love of hiking!)
  2. Wendy at Ramblings and Musings
  3. And we fight a similar battle, so see Four Stars and a Frame

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