It’s a concept that has plagued me for the entirety of my life (Okay, in all fairness, I like to exaggerate…a LOT). I say this, because I have never considered myself a “good” writer. I’m not sure where it stems from, but I know I had a professor in college, during my freshman year, refer to my writing as “juvenile” and suggested it “barely accounted for a 9th grade education”.  Of course, I was offended.  But I have always been a bit of a defiant bitch and made up my mind I was going to do everything I could to write better. At that point, I tried to make sure I improved on grammar and word usage. I wanted to make sure I followed all the accepted rules of writing, because I never wanted to be embarrassed again.

I believe I have improved since then, but I have never been satisfied with what I produce. I don’t consider myself creative, imaginative or even able to impact people’s emotions. I think these are all qualities that are of high importance to readers’ minds when they read something. And still, I take criticism about writing quite personally…you wouldn’t know it, because I don’t respond, but it feels like an attack on my intelligence when someone offers me critique. It’s irrational, I know it, but in 99% of most things, I can handle criticism – unless it’s a criticism of my intelligence. Those criticisms make me pissy and…well, pathetically self-conscious.

I’m mentioning this, because I have had several people suggest I look at writing more seriously. I have a friend (I won’t mention Meg’s name 😀 ) that has offered to review and look at some writing, if I chose to try it. I have had another follower suggest I take up writing to make a little money; since the new job I’m going to take will be a serious cut in pay, writing might help make some ends meet. There have been others that have suggested writing is a forte of mine, as well; I’m shocked at the number of compliments I get on my writing.

But the problem is, I really don’t know what to write about, how to appeal to a wider audience nor the first thing about taking this endeavor to a level that would be considered professional – even as a minimal part time gig.  I wouldn’t know who to talk to, how to get information, or even how to be successful. And the overwhelming number of people that write in blogs, for media outlets and everything else makes me think that the success rate would be extremely risky (Oddly enough, I had a girl I went on a date with once, tell me that my biggest problem is that I am unwilling to take risks).  Not to mention, the self-doubt I already have to even begin to contemplate this…

Oh…the anxiety of thinking about things in the future and/or planning to handle life…


Maybe it’s just a fantasy…


15 thoughts on “Writing?”

  1. You are a good writer! You’ve already been telling your stories here on the blog. The next step is to write ‘someone else’s’ story as a piece of fiction. You could try using the Daily Post prompt as a start. Just a short piece, for practice. And if you’re too self conscious about posting, I’ll read it privately and give you feedback. I think this is a fantastic idea! 🤓❤️🤓

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