SARD: Part 10 – I Pee Sitting Down.

It seems like such a silly topic, but I am going somewhere with this, so please stay with me while I explore this. But in this next installment on my Sexual and Relationship Development series, I discuss peeing while sitting down.

I’m not sure when I started it, but many years ago I stopped standing up when I peed in the toilet.  There seemed to be some sort of recognition that it felt somehow right. It wasn’t even a conscious thought that I was doing it, I just began going into the bathroom, pulling my pants down and sitting down to pee. In fact, I hadn’t even realized it until someone pointed it out to me by saying, “What are you, a girl?  You never stand up when pissing.”

At the time I first heard that, it made me think that I should consider the impact of that. Am I tired? Depressed? Just looking for a chance to take a load off my feet? I couldn’t find anyway to correlate why I peed sitting down. Even in the men’s restroom, I would divert away from the urinal and go into a stall so I could sit and pee.  I can’t think of a justifiable reason as to why I began doing it. I even looked at my past when I was younger and tried to see if this is something that has always been with me. Honestly, I spent the predominant potion of my life being male.  I peed standing up for a lot of my life. But there were times when I was a lot younger that I peed sitting down. I can remember being a school child, maybe 6 or 7 years old and going to the girls’ bathroom and I would go into a stall and sit down to pee, I would do this because I never felt really comfortable around my male class mates and always felt more comfortable around my female classmates. I remember a couple of teachers explaining to me that I was not supposed to go into the girls’ bathroom, because I was a boy and little boys needed their own bathroom.

To me there was never a time when I thought I was a girl, but there have been times when I felt like a girl. I have never wanted to be without my penis, but there have been times when I wondered what it would be like. I have indicated, in previous posts, that I have cross-dressed before, that I have felt feminine, that I have felt like a girl on the inside during different times in my life. But to BE a girl? No, I never felt like I should have been. Don’t get me wrong, I find a lot of comfort and encouragement from my online friends that give me female pronouns or refer to me in a way that is typically associated with being a girl.

I have had people ask me – online, obviously – what gender I identify as, but for most of my life I would have given the literal answer as “Male”. But nowadays, there seems to be some open-mindedness about the subject and I have no idea how to answer that, really. I guess, for the most part I think of myself as male (I do have a penis and I do like it), but there are times I enjoy…no, embrace…the feminine aspects of myself. I don’t have any desire to change my physical appearance (other than with natural healthy methods), but I doesn’t mean there has not been times when I have wondered what I would look like as a woman. The gender identity question is something that is a curiosity to me, but not really something I ponder to greatly – even if I have spent time thinking about it – because I feel like I was born anatomically male, and I have learned to embrace the inner femininity I have.


…I pee sitting down.



19 thoughts on “SARD: Part 10 – I Pee Sitting Down.”

  1. I wish society didn’t make this “weird.” I had a boyfriend years ago who peed sitting down. It was awesome. Less mess, no leaving the seat up, no pubes all over the floor all the time. I loved it. He never had an conflict about gender identity; it was just a preference for him to sit down.

    If I had a son, I would totally teach him to sit down at home…😊

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  2. You don’t need a label. It’s all on a spectrum, and it’s all normal. Thank you for sharing such an intimate look at a very personal issue ❤

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  3. I live alone. I don’t even close the toilet door when I take a crap. There is of course the cat… Nothing is out of bounds to the cat. Different story if I walk out the back while she is shitting though. I do leave the toilet seat down because she will drink from the bowl.

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  4. 13 years on I understand now why I got her for free and the vet said he would pay for operations. Leo cat. Maybe going to the toilet and closing the door and sitting down could be the holiday I have been dreaming of. She is so adorably cute though

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  5. I applaud that you embrace your feminine side and have the courage to share with others. Society has stifled us from being who we are for too long and is the very reason why so many of us turn to substance abuse.

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  6. I tried peeing standing up once. The less said about that incident the better. 😎

    You pee any way that makes you happy! You are everything you believe yourself to be and we are blessed to experience every part of you.

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  7. i think with all the pressure to conform must put alot of stress on a male to do it “right.” i hope people can feel more and more omfortable being themselves. once upon a time it was every day for men to pull their long beautiful locks back in a satin ribbon, then go out and survey the land or what needed to be done on the farm. just because customs have changed, we havent

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  8. Sometimes I pee sitting down; the stroke I had screwed up my balance and there are times when I gotta go… and if I don’t sit down, I’m gonna fall down and, well, that’ll probably hurt. Hell, since I was taught to pee standing up and have spent who knows how many cumulative hours doing it like that, sometimes, sitting down works if only to take the load off of standing…

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