I don’t know what to do with myself.

Having spent almost the past 6 months drinking almost everyday, I have lost the desire to do anything else.

I really struggled through today, but I was thinking about drinking the entire day. I’m sitting in my motel room just waiting to attend an AA meeting, just so I can be around people and have something to do.

Today is tough, white knuckles and all.



64 thoughts on “I don’t know what to do with myself.”

  1. I don’t know exactly what you’re going through, but I have family that does. Being on the other side I’ll say this: I’m proud of you. Every day you make it through, you won. Every day is a new challenge and reward. I hope that your meeting helps, I hope that tomorrow is a little easier, and I hope that you are proud of yourself as well. ❤

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              1. i choose my friendships carefully which is why I’m glad for you we relate and have a certain simpatico i would be happy to have you as a friend and if you give me your email we can talk and i have a free text program
                that ill share just not for the populace at large you are a very intelligent person trying to get by its my pleasure to have you as my cyber friend lol

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      1. Yay!!!! What time is it there? If it’s not too late, see if someone will go out for coffee or dinner or something with you afterwards. Get at least one person’s phone number and call them tomorrow just to see how their day is going 💜 You can do this!!! 😃

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  2. When I was at a meeting mate I would always work out where my next meeting was going to be too.
    Listen to learn. Learn to listen.
    I found that the journey from head to the heart took a while. Don’t get too well too quick.

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  3. Try to let the feeling pass by remembering the craving is temporary. I know it’s easier said then done and this might not help a whole lot, but you have people believing in you who know you can do it. As I quit smoking cold turkey the people I had in my life helped a great deal in helping me see it through. And while they would have never judged me if I would have faltered, it was me in the end who didn’t want to disappoint them or admit that I gave into the craving. And so I prevailed and the rest is history. Maybe it can help you as well. Hugs

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  4. Hey my friend,
    Me and another person on here have become facebook friends and we check in and reach out to each other real-time. It has been SO HELPFUL. Let me know if you have any interest 😉 No offense taken if you don’t – I get it.

    Sending you hugs and strength ❤

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    1. I really appreciate it, but I maintain some level of anonymity…I’m not famous or anything, but I am not ready to be out on a few different aspects of my life. But it is so kind of you to think of me. 🙂


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