My view


This picture shows how I feel for the majority of my life…

…a lonely road, but it continues towards something unknown.


Day 3 finished.


17 thoughts on “My view”

  1. It’s helped keep me totally free of drugs and alcohol for 17 years. I went to meetings for 10 years and found it disturbing that wife beaters were claiming that ‘God’ stopped them hitting women just for today. I would look around and see some very frightened women probably there to get away from blokes like that. But these one weren’t going to do it again because they had found ‘God’. I just never hit women because I am a man and my father brought me up accordingly. Also I like women.
    God definitely has a female face anyway. Yin and Yang

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  2. the picture captured is gorgeous, that is how i’ve seen it, the blue sky, the long way road, and the border between the land and sky, although it is missing trees surround it, but it doesn’t make any less value. it would be great to have companion sitting right next to is, but that probably will happen in the near future. meanwhile, enjoy the ride.

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  3. I’m so proud of you and you have achieved so much already. It’s huge and I know it has been all but easy. And the view of that road will change soon as well. Envision it replaced with a beautiful trail that allows you to take a deep breath and put all of this behind you. Hugs my friend…

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