Day 2, and I’m dying to drink.

I am dying to drink, seething, frustrated, irritable.

Nothing goes the direction I hope.


29 thoughts on “Day 2, and I’m dying to drink.”

  1. Congratulations on taking your life back. Ten years ago I quit smoking cold turkey. I smoked for at least twenty plus years and I enjoyed it. Previous try’s were unsuccessful as it was always others that were the reasons behind the quitting and I wasn’t ready. And then it happened. I bought two packs and a few hours later I decided I was done. And while I still miss smoking at times, I know the urge will only last a few seconds and I’ll get past the craving. Wishing you strength, one moment at a time.

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      1. I can only imagine and somehow I share your anxiety with you today. I woke up this morning and the room started spinning and shaking so violently that I am afraid of going to sleep. A bad case of vertigo from perhaps an inner ear infection is the cause.
        I am beyond thrilled you made it through your day though and that you didn’t give in. Despite the tough moments, you still made it. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more of the same but it won’t be any worse of what you already conquered today. Don’t let today stand for nothing and remember that with every passing hour, with every passing temptation, you are closer to winning.
        Sending good vibes to you. Stay strong my friend. So proud of your achievement today.

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      1. You know, that was the hardest part of taking back my life – the emotions. Allowing myself to feel them and ride them out. They still run amok and at times they do so for long stretches.

        The past two years for me have been a roller coaster behind the curtain but I just followed the ups and downs. You find out not only who YOU are but who your true friends are when the wheels come off every now and then. Hold tight my friend.

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